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Chorley Conservatives are responsible for promoting Conservative values across the area shown on the map below.

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Tuesday, 3 May, 2016
Peter Malpas's letter to the electors of Heath Charnock Charnock and Rivington

Chorley Conservative Association Area

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This map shows the extent of the geographical area that we serve. This is the area of the United Kingdom that we represent on behalf of the Conservative Party.

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Local News

CHORLEY goes to the polls this next Thursday as electors choose their new Police and...
Chorley Conservatives welcomed new dedicated funding from the Government to fill...
Chorley Conservatives are expressing their deep concern and regret at Lancashire NHS...

National News

Ahead of tonight's final #LeadersDebate on BBC Scotland at 8pm, here are the facts of the Scottish Parliament election. The SNP are set to win...
New figures show that crime in England and Wales has fallen by 32% since 2010, to its lowest level ever. By continuing to cut crime, Conservatives...
Voters across the country will soon choose their local representatives for the next four years. These are the people who will provide a strong...
Police and Crime

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