Andrew's ale of the season

As the summer months (if that’s what you can call the August we have just had) come to a slow close, we will start to move away from the pale ales, ciders and even a good German lager!

So I thought I would pay tribute to an old favourite summer ale I have enjoyed this year, ‘Copper Dragon’ by Golden Pippin. It’s a very light beer that’s easy on the palate. At less than 4% it’s what my dad, Jim, endearingly calls a ‘session beer’!

It’s one of those pale ales that is light enough with just the right balance of gentle citrus flavours to quench your thirst on a summers day after a long walk, as you take those first few big gulps walking back from the bar as it still settles.


Andrew Snowden

Andrew is the Conservative choice for Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioners candidate for the May 2020 election.

He also represents the Hoghton with Wheelton Division on Lancashire County Council.