Astley and Buckshaw | Peter MALPAS

Peter Malpas is our candidate for Chorley's Astley and Buckshaw Ward.

  • Peter has a history of exposing the issues hidden behind the Labour councils smart press releases

  • Has a strong record of being an active Borough councillor from May 2000 to May 2002, from May 2003 through to May 2011 and on Lancashire County councillor from June 2009 and May 2013

  • From his research has shone light on the £224,430 of subsidy propping up Chorley's past four flowers shows

  • Watched progress and reported on how the Council's  £1.6 million decked car park on distant Friday Street goes unused


Peter Malpas

Peter is our Council candidate for Astley and Buckshaw Ward in May 2019.  A former Borough and County Councillor, Peter brings with him a great deal experience.

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