A better place for learning and earning

Our young people deserve the best possible start in life, that’s why our plan has learning, skills and jobs at its heart.

We already have good primary and secondary schools, but too many pupils and parents still face the challenge of getting good quality places at local schools.

With a growing population it’s time to back our schools and give young people the next step to succeed.

We’re backing a new sixth form college to give students the facilities they need to succeed right here in Chorley, giving the next generation the best chance to get on in life.

To achieve our vision we will:

  • Take a full review of school, further education and skills training places currently available and act proactively and with creativity on the results. Like considering alternative models of education such as free schools and academies.
  • Partnering with business develop a Sixth Form College focusing on Digital Health to give our children the next step towards their careers, developing entrepreneurship and encouraging further study.
  • Work with Universities from across the North of England to deliver an accredited campus here in Chorley, focusing on digital skills that are fit for the future.
  • Develop a Trade Skills Apprenticeship Centre, to promote practical skills and get people earning and learning.
  • Incentivise businesses to create more real apprenticeships and give people the start they need to succeed.