A better place to start well, live well and age well

There’s nothing more important than the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. Working alongside our NHS partners, our vision delivers care no matter where you are or when you need it most.

We’ll tackle the problems faced by an ageing population, including loneliness and isolation, to ensure that nobody in care is left behind.

We’ll give mental health the focus it needs, offering support and services that deliver long term results. Our healthcare plan means you and your family are protected.

Our proposals include:

  • Support for our local hospital, by working with the NHS and backing our hard-working doctors and nurses to deliver better services, including at our A&E department.
  • Establish a social inclusion fund, so community groups have the money they need to tackle isolation and loneliness across our borough.
  • Take a practical approach to well-being with community gardens to increase social interaction and offer informal learning. A cleaner, greener way to strengthen mental health resilience.
  • Employ a new Digital Inclusion Officer to offer advice on contactless payment, social media and email. Keeping people in touch no matter where they are and ensuring those who are vulnerable are never caught out by new technology.
  • Offer the right support to every part of our vibrant borough, through a ‘Community Projects’ lead giving voluntary groups and parish councils the resources they need to go on delivering vital care across our towns and villages.