Chorley South East | Neil Baglow

Speaking a new voice speaking with life experience for Chorley's South East Ward

As you may know, these elections are for just one year because the boundary changes mean there will be new elections for all wards next year.

So even if you don't support us politically, why not lend me your vote for a year to see what we can achieve together on the things that really matter to you?

Yes, I am a Conservative. I was brought up on an agricultural labourers wages, when to college, made be made redundant - more than once,  started my own business is from scratch, run children's theatre schools, helped in my local scout group and have 3 grown up children .

So you could say I've had a bit of a life experience. I be proud to put that experience to work for your benefit.



Neil Baglow

Neil Baglow is the Conservative choice for Chorley's South East Ward.  Neil is also a Conservative Association officer responsible for our Conservative Policy Forum

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