Labour council spends £493 on £135 worth of car park signs

We can reveal that Chorley's Labour Council spent £493.84 on 60 temporary car park signs we could have bought for £135.  It's important to know because over the last twelve months Chorley Council's spent £4.24 million on items and services under £5,000, and £0.66 million under £1,000 so careful spending could have a big impact on taxpayers like you.

Chorley spending tables show that Chorley Borough Council ordered and paid for 60 A3 correx signs, 20 of one type and 40 of another.  At an average of £8.23 each, armchair auditor Peter Malpas sensed there was a case to check out their spending, and found far too easily that he could have sourced the same quantity for the equivalent of £2.25 each.

Earlier in the week we also reported that Chorley Council bought 25 images for their Union Street offices for £2,720 which were also available through one of Chorley's  high street shops in the form of canvasses within the range of £826 to no more that £1,496 depending on size.