New cash and common sense to fix potholes and drains

Since the Conservatives won control of Lancashire County Council in May they have wasted no time in getting their manifesto from being ink on paper to buses on roads, books in libraries, and tarmac in potholes.

Cllr Andrew Snowden said "We made a promise to the people of Lancashire that under a Conservative Administration there would be much more prudent management of the Council’s finances and resources, allowing for a greater investment in getting the basics rights."

The Conservatives in Lancashire have announced an extra £5.6million a year for ‘fixing the basics’. This will focus on fixing potholes, clearing drains more regularly and cutting the grass verges and spraying pavements for weeds more frequently. There will be an injection of some common-sense as well as cash into this, by making funds available for contractors to fix other potholes in the vicinity when they turn up to do a job – so we stop the ridiculous situation of one pot hole being filled and another a meter a way being left!

Andrew said "Regardless of the way people voted, we will soon be seeing the tangible benefits of a Conservative-run Council. It takes time to mobilise such big investments but after 30 years dominated by Labour, with just one spell of Conservative rule, we are showing people that we keep our promises, that we can deliver better services and we will now go on to show them that we can run a more sustainable and prudent Council."

Just remember if Labour had won – their manifesto was to focus on trying to set up Lancashire’s own electricity company whilst the roads crumbled, the drains remained blocked and money for essential bus subsidies.


Andrew Snowden

Andrew is the Conservative choice for Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioners candidate for the May 2020 election.

He also represents the Hoghton with Wheelton Division on Lancashire County Council.