Conservatives question Councils £1,350,000 property developments

Conservatives on Chorley Council have this week questioned the use of taxpayers money on two developments which they suggest have a very questionable return.  They are querying the £370,000 investment in the White Hart Hotel, and a further £830,000 on the McDonald site which, if fully and continually occupied, would raise just £36,000 a year.

New officers for Branch proposed

Conservatives in Wheelton and Withnell and Pennine Wards have tonight agreed to join up and form a new Branch of the Chorley Conservative Association.   Officers were appointed tonighth to take the Branch forward.

Cost of living - helping hardworking people

Since the Conmservative-led coalition came to power in 2010, we've been working hard with the cost of living helping hard working people.  Here we list our top-ten ways we have done this.

Another question as Labour Leader says that hotel bills will be repaid

On Friday we published an article asking why Chorley Council had booked two double rooms in a top Manchester hotel for the three-day Local Government Conference, just 35 minutes away by train, at a cost of £644 before VAT.   The Labour leader’s response, eleven hours later, was that those attending will be refunding the Council, leading us to another question.

Chorley Council spends £644 on two hotel rooms just 35 minutes away

In a letter to the editor, Chorley Conservatives this week are asking why Chorley Borough taxpayers are spending £644 for two double rooms in a top Manchester Hotel - just 35 minutes away.    The rooms have been booked for the Local Government Association Conference, this time being held between 2 and 4 July.  

Rob Loughenbury comments on the spending review

The spending review fills in the details missing at budget time. It puts monetary meat on the budgetary bones and tells us how our cash will be spent on our behalf.Parliamentary Candidate Rob Loughenbury comments on its' outcome.