Spending Power of Local District Councils

We sometimes hear from Labour about how hard done by their councils have been treated by the Conservative-led coalition.  But figures indicates whilst all councils have been asked to make savings as everyone else, the actual spending power across councils significantly differs.

Chorley announces Council Tax cut and more spending on services

Hard-pressed Chorley families benefiting from a Conservative-led Borough Council are today rejoicing at not only another council tax freeze, but a cut too.  Not only that, an extra £1 million is being invested in key projects to promote jobs and investment.  Car parking charges too have been frozen.

Lancashire County Council freeze Council Tax for third year

Lancashire County Council yesterday agreed to freeze their Council Tax again for their third year.  This means that residents living in a Band A home will pay £61.57 a month* towards Lancashire County Council services, and residents in a Band D home £92.35.

Chorley school data published

Updated data on childrens progress has been published on the Department for Education website, data that Labour kept hidden.  For the first time parents can see what is really happening in their schools.  Labour would claim ever rising standards while pointing to just one GCSE measure that rose every year.You can look at the local data for Chorley schools from this link

State pensioners to receive largest cash increase since 1948

State pensioners are to get the largest wekkly cash increase since 1948 thanks to the new triple-lock announced by the Conservative-led coalition government.The basic state pension will increase by £5.30 a week to £107.45.

Letter to the Editor | Pensions | NHS

 Dear Chorley Guardian EditorYour correspondent last week wrote of squandering £40m on Olympic fireworks while the coalition government made cuts particularly citing the NHS and and pensions. Spending in the NHS led by the Conservatives will steadily grow from £98.4bn in 2010/11 through to £109.8bn in 2014/15 with necessary efficiency savings being directed back into what the NHS is for - health. Labour in Wales plan to actually cut health spending in ther principality while here in England Labour Health Shadow Andy Burnham said "it is irresponsible to increase NHS spending in real terms" (Guardian 16 June 2010). Locally, and of great alarm to Chorley folk, members of Chorley's Labour Party peddled a line to "Save Chorley Hospital" where no closure was ever threatened. State pensioners will benefit too as the Conservative-led governments triple-lock takes effect. A new state pensioner today can expect £15,000 more over their life through increases which will be based on prices, earnings or 2.5% whichever is the greatest. Remember Labour's notorious 75p a week pension increase? *This year the basic state pension will increase by £5.30 a week to £107.45the biggest cash rise since 1948!* But under Labour for every £4 spent by government, £1 was borrowed. Our debt got so big we were spending £120 million every day just paying the interest -- and that bill is getting bigger. The banks made a bad situation worse, but what really got Britain into this mess was years of Labour spending money we didn't have and couldn't afford. Everyone knows that, as when someone runs up a massive credit card bill, the longer you put off dealing with debt, the worse it gets and the more it costs. It would have been much easier not to deal with the problem. But delay would just pass this generation's debt onto our children, stall economic recovery and cost even more.Not yet published.

Triple lock to protect pensions

The Conservatives' triple lock will ensure that State Pensions will be uprated by earnings, prices or 2.5% - whichever is the highest.  This guarantee included bringing back the earning's link which will mean that someone retiring today on a full basic State Pension will receive £15,000 more over their retirement.

Baroness Sayeedi Warsi visits Adlington affordable housing scheme

Conservative Party Chairman Baroness Sayeedi Warsi visited Chorley yesterday to see an innovative new affordable housing scheme at Cotton Fields in Adlington.She met representatives from Places for People, the contractors and visited the home of a new family who had just moved in at the end of October.  Also at the visit was Councillor Alan Cullens who oversees housing policy for Chorley and County Councillor Peter Malpas in his role of Deputy Chairman of the Chorley Conservative Association.