Rob reports back on Chorley home care reform

Parliamentary Candidate Rob Loughenbury writes of the challenges facing home care providers.   Read how Rob has been taking up the case with the County Council.

Next May the choice could not be clearer

ROB LOUGHENBURY, champion for Chorley, reflects on the Conservative Conference highlighting our record in government and our plan for the future contrasting that of Ed Miliband's Labour Party.Rob says "the choice could not be clearer".

English votes for English laws

We are delighted Scotland has decided it's best to stay with the United Kingdom.   As part of the agreement it's right to look at English votes for English laws too.

Another welcome fall in jobseekers for Chorley

This week saw another welcome fall in the number of people needing to claim Job Seekers Allowance in Chorley shadowing the national trend highlighting the improving the economic position the UK is finding itself in. 

Secretary of State visits Anderton Centre

The Secretary of State for Justice, the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP, visited the Anderton Centre to hear about the opportunities given to young people in the heart of Lancashire.