A581 Dawbers Lane Euxton to Rufford in part of £25 million road safety boost

The A581 from the A49 in Euxton through to Rufford features in a national £25 million Safer Roads Fund for 2017/18, part of £175 m between 2017/18 and 2020/21 in which the Department for Transport invites proposals from eligible local highway authorities to improve the safety of 50 specific sections of local A’ roads, where the risk of fatal and serious collisions is highest, based on the analysis by the Road Safety Foundation.

Chorley Conservative Councillors Group Leader Cllr Paul Leadbetter commented “It is good news, for Chorley, that the Conservative government, in addition to allocating almost £27 million to improve Lancashire's roads, is inviting Lancashire County Council to bid for funding to improve road safety in Chorley by upgrading the dangerous A49 in Euxton.”

Of the north-west's 11 eligible road sections announced this morning, Lancashire County Council are being invited to propose safety improvements along 11.4 kilometres of the A581 Dawbers Lane through Croston to the A59 near Rufford. 

Parish Cllr Aidy Riggott, Conservative Party Candidate for Lancashire County Councils Euxton, Buckshaw and Astley Division stated “I welcome this funding and it is imperative that Lancashire County Council make a strong case to ensure funding is received and crucially allocated to improving Dawbers Lane. All of Euxton knows how dangerous this stretch of road is and it is imperative that improvements are made, especially when funding is on offer from the government.”

The Department for Transport writes "From the £175 million being made available for road safety, we invite proposals from local highway authorities to upgrade some of the most dangerous local roads in the North West area where the risk of fatal and serious collisions is highest, based on analysis by the Road Safety Foundation."

Borough Councillor Debra Platt added “this is a potential opportunity to have investment into the safety of Dawber’s Lane, so in the future may prevent further deaths on our local roads – I do hope Lancashire presents a compelling case for the funding.”

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