A&E partial re-open must go further to save lives

Chorley and South Ribble Accident and Emergency must offer comprehensive emergency cover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week say local Conservatives. 

April saw the temporary closing of Chorley Hospital A&E by the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust which runs Chorley and Preston hospitals. Since then County Councillor Mark Perks demonstrated his support for the ‘Save Chorley A&E campaign, from the first Saturday, campaigning outside the Euxton Lane entrance at Chorley Hospital and writing to NHS England seeking answers. 

Councillor Perks said, “The news that Chorley Accident and Emergency will re-open in January is welcome, but a partial service 8 till 8 is not enough for residents who need potentially lifesaving health care. I want to see the A&E unit at Chorley open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Conservative colleagues and I will continue to apply pressure until that aim is achieved.”

Meanwhile, local Conservative campaigners have joined the fight to secure a full opening of A&E services. 

Local campaigner Andrew Snowden added, “It is crucial that Chorley A&E re-opens as soon as possible, especially as we approach the winter months.” 

In a positive move, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust recently announced a £2 million investment in an additional chemotherapy unit to open at Chorley and South Ribble District Hospital. The unit will help to treat more patients and reduce waiting times.