Brinscall Heather Lea Drive | Labour homes claim dismissed

Following a ‘Campaign Special’ and visits by local Labour party members to several homes in Brinscall we set the record straight.

The Labour Party are guilty of malicious scare mongering over proposed housing developments and we are aware that this has given rise to a great deal of upset and concern.
In setting the record straight the 15 year plan allows for just 32 new homes in the whole of Wheelton and Withnell Ward and not the 165 Labour claim for one site.

The only site proposed for housing development is land at Drinkwater Farm, Windsor Drive.  This site will form a part of the Site Allocations Plan which will be going out to public consultation later this week and the Council would welcome your views on this.

Had they studied the plan properly, which local Labour Councillor France voted against, they would have read that the land that forms a part of Railway Park and is recommended to remain Open Space.

In addition the designation against the Commercial Premises on Hartington Road is for there to be no change to this land.

It is regrettable the concern the Labour members have raised and we would ask that local Labour activisits fully explain the distress they have caused the community.