Caroline Snowden welcomes new lower 40 mph speed limit

Council to address road safety in a number of areas across Chorley have been welcomed by campaigners and residents alike.

Caroline Snowden, a community campaigner in Wheelton and Withnell, is delighted with the new reduced speed limit on Buckholes Lane between Higher Wheelton and Brinscall.

She said “For a long time I have been raising issues about road safety, along with my husband and other residents. This particular stretch of road sees cars flying up and down and entering the villages at each end at high speeds. It is also a great risk to the residents who live on the lane, who have near misses on a daily basis”.

“I am delighted the County Council have acted to bring down the speed limit and I hope the police will properly manage it to ensure that it is a meaningful reduction and genuinely makes the road safer”. Another rural road which has seen the speed limit reduced is Hoghton Lane, which has also been welcomed on social media by the residents who live there.

Caroline concluded by saying there is a lot more to do “as much as I am delighted we have got this change, there is still a lot to do on safety on the rural and semi rural roads of Chorley. If I am elected to the Council in May I hope to have a stronger voice to do even more”.


Survey Feb 2018