Call to review 114 bus route

Councillors Alan Cullens and Mick Muncaster are calling for route changes for the local 114 bus service to cover the new estates on Wigan Road and areas of Cuerden.

Chorley votes leave

During the general election the Conservatives promised a referendum on the membership of the Economic Union.With a turnout of 75.3%, electors across the Chorley Borough Council area voted to leave Europe.

Labour's Broken Promise

During his campaign for Mayor of London Sadiq Khan made a promise that was clear - I will not increase fares.And now, just 34 days after the election, Labour's Mayor of London has broken that p

A One Nation Queen's Speech

Today the Queen delivered a One Nation Queen’s Speech from a One Nation Government. When we came to office in 2010, our urgent task was to get the British economy going again.

Government responds to local hospital petition

Today the Government published its response to a local petition calling for more funds for Lancashire NHS so that Chorley A&E can remain open. Their response highlights that the local situation has not arisen because of funding constraints, and explaining that NHS Improvement are working with the Trust to help resolve staffing issues.