North-west set to lose 7 MP's in boundary review

As the number of MP's are set to be reduced to 600, it has been announced that the north-west will have 7 fewer Members of Parliament at the next general election. The current range in electorate across the region is huge; one MP has 87,339 electors whereas another has as few as 54,232 - a massive 33,107 difference, yet each MP's vote in the House of Commons carries the same weight.

Devolving powers to Scotland

We are delivering for Scotland by devolving more powers to the Scottish Parliament. The fiscal framework agreed by the UK and Scottish governments will underpin the new powers being delivered i

Chorley’s Labour council spends £4,550 on exclusive hospitality for ten

Chorley's Labour council have revealed they spent £4,550 before VAT on hospitality entertaining three businesses at the Royal Horticultural Society Show in Chelsea last year.   To compare with the lives of Chorley's hardworking families, that is equivalent to a face value with VAT of £546 each.  We look at one way how they could have spent no more than £378 a little more than 2 miles away from the show. 

Police and Crime Commissioners

Police and Crime Commissioners are the democratic link between the police and the public.They are visible, public figures, elected in the most powerful way possible - at the ballot box -