Caroline Moon selected as the Conservative candidate for Chorley

Caroline Moon has been selected as the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Chorley in the upcoming General Election on June 8.

The mum of two is a foster carer, caring for children with complex needs and is a councillor in Buckshaw and Worden.

Your Choice at this election

The choice at the election is clear.  Strong and stable leadership with Theresa May in the national interest, where what you see is what you get.  Or a hung Parliament and coalition of chaos under Jeremy Corbyn.

Why we need a general election

We need an election now to secure the strong and stable leadership the country needs to see us through Brexit and beyond.

Our Plan for Britain

Our Plan for Britain will deliver a country that is stronger, fairer, more united and more outward looking than ever before.

Local elections 2017

A Conservative vote in the local elections on Thursday 4 May is a vote for our Plan for Britain.