Chorley Council spends £644 on two hotel rooms just 35 minutes away

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In a Letter to the Editor, Chorley Conservatives are asking why is it really necessary for Chorley Council to spend £644 for two DOUBLE rooms in a top Manchester Hotel - just 35 minutes away by train?    The Local Government Association conference is being held between the 2nd and 4th of July, which implies that local delegates need only arrive on Tuesday and leave on Thursday.

Rob Loughenbury is the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Chorley Constituency. Rob said, "Labour have some difficult questions to answer. With public money so tight right now every penny must be accounted for and the impression of councillors going on an expensive jolly is damaging. I urge the council to act swiftly to provide clarity and reassure local tax payers."

Update: the room cost is £644 excluding VAT.  Including VAT it is £772 for two double rooms.