Chorley to get extra councillor in draft County boundaries

The Local Boundary Commission for England has today published draft plans for new divisional boundaries across Lancashire retaining 84 county councillors, and Chorley getting a new extra division.

The new draft proposals being consulted on are:

Chorley Central 10,895 (10,839)
Chorley North 10,198 (10,124)
Chorley Rural East 9,928 (9,433)
Chorley Rural West 11,805 (11,731)
Chorley South 10,779 (10,274)
Euxton with Buckshaw 11,781 (11,048)
Clayton with Whittle 10,859 (10,013)
Hoghton with Wheelton 10,242 (10,301)

The table shows the forecast electorate in 2021 and today's electorate in brackets.

The review was triggered by the wide variance between the electorate size in each Division.  Chorley North, which includes Buckshaw Village, was the largest with 14,426 electors and Lancaster South East the smallest with 7,804 electors.  The aim of the review is to have all new Divisions within the range 9,974 to 12,191 per county councillor, and as close to 11,083 as possible based on forecasts for 2021.


The Lancashire Review Summary Document

Residents have until 11th January 2016 to comment on the draft plans.