Chorley’s Labour council spends £4,550 on exclusive hospitality for ten

Chorley's Labour Council have revealed that last year they bought 10 exclusive hospitality tickets at the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show for £4,550 before VAT (equivalent with VAT to a face value of £546 each in the lives of Chorley's hardworking households).

The tickets, bought to entertain representatives from two prospective national businesses and a retail property company and joined by three elected members, were in the exclusive hospitality area provided for RHS Chelsea by Fortnum and Mason and Do&Co as part of their Monarch package.

Only five weeks ago Chorley Conservatives exposed the £90,496 cost to taxpayers of the Labour councils first Flower Show.

Local Conservative Peter Malpas, who hopes to be elected to the council in May,  has been tracking the Labour Council's spending, and wants to know why they didn’t host the event in the House of Commons for example, just under 2 1/2 miles away?

High quality destination with real 'wow-power'

"Assuming Chorley Council were aiming to impress potential businesses, one of several cheaper options they didn't choose was the House of Commons Terrace Dining Room C.  Booking the small dining room for half a day costs just £225 before VAT.  With a modest afternoon tea, the bill need not have been much more than £378." 

"My argument is not about attracting new businesses or inviting the business guests themselves; it's all about the huge bill."

** From the Council's own data, it is unclear why the costly adventure to London was allocated to Postages in Communication and Computing of the Shared Services Arrangement.

What £4,550 for ten guests bought:


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Chelsea Flower Show MONARCH Hospitality 2015 ten tickets £455 each plus VAT | PAGE 5 2.4 MB
House of Commons Dining Room C £225 before VAT half-day | PAGE 4 1.43 MB
House of Commons Afternoon tea from £15 to £24.38 before VAT | PAGE 5 4.5 MB