Christmas and New Year message from our Chairman

This year has been eventful to say the least, with lots going on nationally and internationally, but locally it has been great to see lots of community spirit.

We have seen community litter picks, community garden projects, and lots of other events where Chorley residents have been able to come together in a spirit of cooperation.

As we now celebrate Christmas I encourage everyone to continue that spirit of teamwork and cooperation and be peacemakers, constantly looking for the good in each other. I specifically encourage everyone to be mindful of those at this time of year who may be alone.

The feeling of loneliness can be amplified at Christmas time for those who no longer have family or friends around them, but are constantly reminded of times when they were by the familiar songs, smells, and images that this time of year brings.

If there is someone you can think of who may benefit from a visit or even just a friendly phone call, I encourage you to do it as you will not regret it, and it may make their day.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a great new year, full of potential!

Phil Loynes