Conservatives question Councils £1,350,000 property developments

In a press release issued this week, Conservatives on Chorley Council said "Once again under Labour control the spending of Chorley Borough Council appears to be getting out of control.  Instead of marshalling the resources of Chorley Council taxpayers to minimise their contribution and provide some defence against future financial difficulties, this Labour-controlled Chorley council appears determined to spend every pound at its disposal.  This extravagance even extends to entering the world of property development and speculation.

The White Hart Public House

The White Hart in Mealhouse Lane has been under council ownership for some time and was evidently in need of some refurbishment or demolition.  This redevelopment work would be ideally left to a commercial concern with no risk being retained by the council. 

The Conservatives say that the way forward is to sell the property lock stock and barrel for the identified figure of £150,000 and let residents reap the rewards.  The Labour-controlled council; however, have decided to invest a total of £370,000 extra to refurbish the pub inside and out using taxpayers money.  Presumably any future returns on this investment will be subject to the vagaries of the pub trade.

The McDonald’s Site Market Street

The derelict site on Market St that was previously a McDonald’s outlet was proposed for purchase by the previous Conservative administration in Chorley so that its future could be influenced by the Council to the benefit of residents such that a developer could be found to enhance this potentially prestigious site.

Labour councillors have bought the site for £520,000 and now plan to spend £310,000 of tax payer’s money to develop three retail units on the site.  This overall investment of close to £830,000 is expected to reap a maximum return of £36,000 each year if all three units return their planned maximum benefit at all times."

"The Labour-controlled council in Chorley has decided to commit £1,350,000 of council tax payer’s money at risk on these developments and we believe they should think again."

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