Conservatives support Chorley Hospital and PCSOs

Over recent months you may have received literature making certain claims regarding the Conservative leadership of Chorley Council and Chorley issues that are outside Council control.  The facts speak for themselves.


Funding for Chorley hospital comes from the NHS, not from Chorley Council.  Funding has been reduced but all front line services will be maintained with health care improving and bureaucracy reduced
A statement from the local NHS trust highlights that patient care will improve whilst savings of £1.25M will be achieved. It is about making services more efficient and not cutting services.
Contrary to certain misleading rumours there is no plan to close Chorley hospital and no plan to close A & E.  Conservatives are committed to increasing NHS funding generally whilst at local level efficiency savings will result from rationalisation of some services.
Currently the occupancy of Coronary Care and Critical Care Units is less than 50% so these units will be merged.

There are no proposals to close the midwifery service.


A recent press release from Lancashire Police Authority regarding the future of policing in Lancashire highlighted the fact that successful management of necessary reductions across Southern Division, which includes Chorley and Leyland, has resulted in a minimal reduction in posts.
The establishment and funding of PCSOs is something that Chorley Borough Council has a direct involvement with.  When Labour were in power they funded only 8 PCSOs here in Chorley.  As a consequence of the efficient management of your council tax by the Conservative led council we were able, in partnership with the police, to increase this number to 32, and are proud to say this will continue.

At the forthcoming election you will have the opportunity to judge your Conservative led council on our progress to date during which time, amongst other things, we have achieved:
1 Low Council tax increases; unlike our Labour predecessors
2 Improved front line services such as street cleaning
3 Contributed to significant reductions in crime across Chorley.