Council slammed as Lancashire libraries shut

County’s hardworking taxpayers left devastated by Labour’s savage cuts to frontline services and library closures

Labour-run Lancashire County Council are executing a raft of devastating cuts to local services; which have so far seen over 20 libraries earmarked for closure. 

Local Conservatives have opposed these closures at every stage and offered practical solutions to keep our libraries open. A recent ‘Save our Services’ petition collected thousands of signatures from residents across the county and was presented to the Council’s Labour leadership. Sadly, your views were ignored. 

Existing budgets allow for libraries to be kept open until March 2017, but Labour have decided to close libraries now. Only the Conservatives argued for services to be protected. 

Conservative Group Leader Cllr Geoff Driver said, “Labour, with the support of Liberal Democrat and Independent councillors, are inflicting huge pain on Lancashire residents with these devastating and unnecessary attacks on frontline services. These cuts are hurting people who are most in need; they are spiteful and will prove costly in the long term.”

The closure to services, which represent vital community hubs for so many of our towns and villages, have left residents angry. Lancashire Conservatives have taken your complaints direct to the Government, believing the Labour-run Council to have failed in their duty to provide key services. 

Labour’s cuts mean that over 100 buildings will close, including many children’s centres. Bus services have also been slashed, with communities left isolated and without sufficient transport links. Dedicated transport for the elderly and disabled has also been cut back, leaving vulnerable residents isolated in their own homes. 

Liberal Democrat and Independent Councillors have backed Labour’s devastating plan to cut local services. Only the Conservatives are backing the needs of Lancashire residents. 

Our Library Pledge

From Lancashire Conservatives Leader Geoff Driver

"Having run the County Council as recently as 2013, we know that plans have to be affordable to be credible. 

That’s why Lancashire Conservatives have a fully-costed plan to protect all our libraries and to re-open those that are being closed by the current Labour administration. If we take back control of the County Council next May, that’s exactly what we will do. 

Unlike Labour, we understand how important these libraries are to our communities and how many people rely on them for a wide range of services. This fight isn’t over, we’ll continue to put residents first and make sure existing libraries remain open. 

That is our pledge to you."