Devonshire Road Residents' Parking

In the formal consultation on the introduction of residents parking, some residents in some roads have enthusiastically accepted the plans with a huge response rate, whilst in other roads there has been a much lower response and the rest broadly split in favour and against.

Now Cllr Peter Malpas, who already lives in a residents parking area, has written to all residents especially encouraging those who haven't replied to help give him a steer.

"The decision will be taken by LCC Cabinet Member Cllr Tim Ashton, and he will expect an opinion of the local County Councillor.  I hope that residents who have not already responded get in touch to give more weight to the responses already received."

"In my opinion, and experience, those already in a Residents Parking area would not give their scheme up under any circumstances, so I do hope that everyone takes all the factors into account.  For example, perhaps residents should ask themselves what will parking be like in their road in two years time?"

"When a property is sold where the previous owner never had a car, you tend to find that the new occupier always brings at least one car - maybe more.  The problem is that our terraced roads don't have elastic sides.  There's no room for expansion."