Euxton and Buckshaw flooding chaos

After last year’s heavy storms, which left roads impassable for weeks, Labour-run Lancashire County Council are still not interested in preventing further flooding in Euxton, Buckshaw and Astley.

Local resident and Parish Councillor, Aidy Riggott, has been demanding Lancashire County Council take action to prevent further damage to property and major disruption to residents.

Aidy Riggott fumed “I am stunned and hugely disappointed with Labour-run Lancashire County Council. I had received written assurances that work would be carried out this year, but now this no longer appears to be the case.” 

In a final barrage at Labour-run Lancashire County Council, Aidy Riggott blasted “I regularly see reports in the Lancashire Evening Post of Lancashire County Council awarding funding to other areas of Lancashire but never Buckshaw Village. They won’t even adopt our roads and fix our street lights yet they are happy to take an ever-increasing amount in Council Tax. It is simply unacceptable.”