Heskin residents call for 30 mph limit on Wood Lane

Heskin residents are asking for the introduction of a 30mph speed limit throughout Wood Lane between its' boundary with Eccleston and Wrightington.  The speed limit is currently 40 mph.

Concern was raised especially through the anticipated increase in traffic through the closure of the unofficial entry to the M6 at Charnock Richard Services in Mill Lane.

It is said that previous attempts by the county councillor have failed due to lack of support from the police.

Peter Malpas, local County Councillor said "I will take up the campaign and see if attitudes and opinions have changed, especially due to the extra traffic that we expect".

"On Monday July 4th residents will be receiving a petition card for their household to complete and return".

Local Ward Borough Councillor Paul Leadbetter remarked "It seems ridiculous that the speed limit along Wood Lane in Heskin is 40 mph, whilst the limits through neighbouring Eccleston and Wrightington are set at a more reasonable 30 mph, especially in light of the recent tragic road traffic accident. I fully support the campaign and will work with Peter, to ensure our roads are kept safe."

Have you any views?  Please let County Councillor Peter Malpas know.