Labour council bans visiting football supporters

Comment from Conservative Group Leader Alan Cullens regarding Chorley Council's ban on football fans coming to Chorley:

"As leader of the Conservative Group and a lifelong football fan I am extremely disappointed with the Councils wish to ban traveling fans from visiting Chorley. Instead of seeking a ban the Council should be welcoming more people to the town and it is the responsibility of the pub managers and the police to ensure public order is maintained. By better planning with coach companies and clubs appropriate controls can be implemented.

As one who has travelled far and wide to support his team I have stopped off on coaches to visit various towns prior to a game . Many of the people on board were those that would see a town and want come back if they are welcomed and are not, as the ban would suggest, mindless hooligans.

If targeting football fans do we next start to ban other sports and the stag and hen parties. Let us work with the licenced trade to find a solution and welcome people to our great town."