Lancashire Elections: our top pledges

We will cut out waste and give value for money

In 4 years of Conservative control LCC has spent over £215m less on administration and we will continue to provide the most efficient services.

We will invest a further £10m in our highways

After years of under investment by Labour we have already invested £200m which is more than double Labour’s record.

We will continue the £3m Armed Forces Veterans Mentoring Scheme

To provide support to young people in schools and to help ex Service personnel back into employment.

We will invest a further £16m in young people

£10m is allocated to creating Youth Zones in all our districts, £5m for concessionary travel for young people and £1m to refurbish Youth Centres.

We will provide better facilities for children and adults with disabilities

£14m for day time and overnight respite care for children with disabilities and £1m to provide proper toileting facilities for adults with disabilities.