Lancashire Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate Joins Andrew Snowden's Campaign Against Dangerous Driving

On a recent very wet and windy Sunday, Andrew Snowden showed Andrew Pratt some of the danger ‘hotspots’ in the area, with detailed discussions on the campaign on Bury Lane, Bolton Road in Abbey Village, Blackburn Road, and the School Lane / Railway Road ‘rat run’ through Brinscall.

After being shown the ‘hotspots’ Andrew Pratt Commented: “Safety on the roads is a big concern to all of us, we know that staying within the speed limit, keeping to the Highway Code, and visibility of all vehicles, pedestrians and potential hazards are critical in enabling us to make better judgments and prevent collisions”

“Although much has been achieved across Lancashire through the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership, there are still some roads in the County that present a significant challenge to road safety and it is on these roads that I will concentrate my efforts when I am elected as Lancashire’s Police and Crime Commissioner”.

Andrew Pratt concluded, “Andrew Snowden has done a fantastic job in making sure it is known that there are significant challenges to road safety in the Wheelton and Withnell area, and when elected I look forward to working with him to address these”.

Andrew Snowden’s campaign has already started to gain traction, and we are very proud to be able to say that since launching the campaign, the below has already happened:

  • Free bollards secured from Fox and Sons for the pavement on Bury Lane, and the issue of installing these has been escalated at the Highways Team.
  • Increased Police monitoring and speed checks at the key ‘hotspot’ sites
  • Abbey Village zebra crossing placed on a review list for upgrade being considered in 2016
  • Temporary ‘Police speed check’ signs installed at some key points
  • Police and Crime Commissioner candidate has joined the campaign
  • Petition already has hundreds of signatures, and many residents have been in touch with their ideas and issues.
  • Extra ‘smile’ electronic speed boards installed, and existing ones repaired.
  • Cutting back of some hedges has been done where visibility is obstructed (and where the Council have the rights to do so), but there is much more to do.

Andrew Looks forward to working with residents across the area to build on this initial success, to achieve more concrete and substantial measures.