Letter to the Editor - Chorley's decked car park

"Dear Editor,

Not many will have noticed because they don’t use it, but the upper deck of Chorley’s expensive new car park on Friday Street is rarely used. 

The surface car park is always reasonably busy, BUT that was the case before the expensive structure was built.

How does no more than 10 or so cars parked across 117 upper deck spaces justify itself? Especially when there are always plenty of spaces available across the whole surface car park?

And why the barrier frustrating easy access from under the structure to a further 70 surface spaces beyond?  It wasn’t in the plan’s councillors approved. A failed plot to encourage false demand?

In other words, what a waste of £1.6 million in the council’s kneejerk reaction to having halved parking at the taxpayers Market Walk shopping centre, where shoppers naturally do want to park.

Peter Malpas"