Letter to the Editor - EU Referendum Bill

Letter to the Editor

Next month MPs will vote on a Conservative proposal to set in stone an ‘in or out’ referendum on our membership of the EU.

Chorley’s Labour MP gave up his right to vote on behalf of constituents when he became Deputy Speaker. But what’s the excuse for his Labour Party colleagues? Not only does Ed Miliband want to deny voters a say on Europe, he is ordering Labour MPs not to turn up when the EU referendum vote takes place. Just imagine if this man became our Prime Minister.

At least voters know there is clear blue water between the political parties on Europe ahead of the next general election. Labour and Lib Dems will not give you a referendum. UKIP cannot give you a referendum. The Conservatives are giving a cast iron guarantee to let voters have their say. 

The Prime Minister should have the support of the whole country as he works to renegotiate a better deal for Britain within the EU. However, if the best possible deal is not radically different from the status quo and better for Britain, we must leave.

Our future is as a free and enterprising global nation. The litmus test is whether membership of the EU will help us to achieve this.

Rob Loughenbury
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Chorley Constituency