Perks fights plan to open hospital home access

County & Borough Councillor Mark Perks is backing and supporting residents living in Astley Village who are campaigning and objecting to three planning applications 15/01143/ful, 15/01144/ful and 15/01145/ful relating to Dutch Barn Close, Chorley.

The plans if approved will open up a cul de sac at Edgefield into the hospital grounds making it a through route that would impact not only on the immediate homes but also Foxcote, Studfold and impact on Deer Fold.

Cllr Mark Perks has written to Chorley Council with his objections on various issues that would impact on this part of Astley Village. Cllr Mark Perks has also requested to speak before the Development Control Committee when the plans are discussed.  

A condition originally placed on the Dutch Barn Close homes built in the hospital grounds, that they were to be used to provide accommodation for NHS staff was removed by Chorley Council as recently as May last year. Thus meaning the homes became available to the open market.

Cllr Perks has now lodged his objections along side residents with the council. It is expected the plans will go to the February planning meeting.



Twelve years ago, the hospital entrance on Rookwood Avenue was closed off following calls from local residents.  A hospital spokesman at the time is reported commenting "The Trust has installed a new barrier at Rookwood Avenue in an effort to discourage staff and visitors to Chorley Hospital from parking outside the homes of local residents and causing a nuisance.

"This is in response to concerns from residents, councillors and the local MP. We realise that the new barrier will inconvenience pedestrians who genuinely walk or cycle to work."