Peter Malpas

Peter Malpas is an experienced former Borough and County Councillor.  But he is well known for his work looking in detail at Chorley Council's spending - an armchair auditor.  And that is a vital role for Conservative councillors whilst in opposition; to hold Labour's decisions to account on behalf of the taxpayers. 

Peter is our candidate in Chorley's Pennine Ward.



Peter Malpas

Peter is Deputy Chairman of the Chorley Conservative Association responsible for Fund Raising and Membership, and is our 2018 Council Candidate for Chorley's Pennine Ward.




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WATCH: Labour telling fibs on free school meals

Today, Parliament will vote on measures to introduce a new eligibility criteria for free school meals and the early years pupil premium, which will mean around 50,000 more children will benefit from a free school meal by 2022.

Consultation on the future of Chorley's magistrates' court

A public consultation on proposals to shape future decisions on the court and tribunal estate was launched on 18th January, as part of the transformation of our justice system and Chorley Conservatives are urging everyone to have their say.

Budget: 25 things you need to know


The Chancellor has presented his Budget to Parliament – here's a summary of what was announced.

1. There are over 32 million people in work – near a record high

Council meeting - Labour's Market Walk extension

Following the vote at Chorley Council last night to pause development of the Market Walk extension, the Conservative group leader called on the ruling Labour Administration to undertake the following;

What now for £12 million Market Walk extension?

'Following the release yesterday by Chorley Council, on social media, confirming reports Marks and Spencer were reviewing their store openings the administration has now said the opportunity should be taken to pause and reconsider the project.

Why we hold Labour to account - a case study

Holding Labour to account on Chorley Council is an important role for us.  It's even more important for Chorley's taxpayers too; a council needs challenge at every stage.