SURVEY: Are roadside banners out of control across Chorley?

Have you noticed the number of banners strung to railings throughout the borough, and particularly at the Preston Road/Euxton Lane junctions on the A6 at Hartwood?

Lancashire County Council highway policy aside, there are also regulations limiting the size and duration of display for such temporary banners.

Here are the relevant regulations

  • Class 3(D) permits temporary notices or signs which are intended to advertise any local event being held for charitable purposes, which may be religious, educational, cultural, political, social or recreational, but not for any commercial purpose. This permission would include an advertisement for: a church bazaar a fete for a parent-teacher association a sponsored marathon in aid of charity an amateur sports event, but not any sporting event organised for commercial purposes. The advertisement permitted by Class 3(D) must not exceed 0.6 of a square metre.
  • Class 3(F) permits temporary notices or signs announcing the visit of a travelling circus or fair. These advertisements must not be displayed more than 14 days before the opening of the circus or fair and must be removed within seven days afterwards. The local planning authority must be told 14 days beforehand of the sites of the notice. The notice or sign must not exceed 0.6 of a square metre.
  • Advertisements permitted by Class 3 must not: have any letters, figures, symbols or similar features of the design over 0.75 of a metre in height, or 0.3 of a metre in height if they are in any Area of Special Control; have the highest part of the advertisement at more than 4.6 metres above ground-level, or 3.6 metres in any Area of Special Control (except for estate agents’ boards, in Class 3(A), advertising a sale or letting of premises situated in a building above these specified height limits); or be illuminated in any circumstances. And, if a Class 3 advertisement relates to a sale or event, it must not be displayed more than 28 days before the sale or event begins and must be removed within 14 days after it ends.

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