Time to act on Flower Show writes Peter Malpas

"I've been tracking spending on the flower show, amongst many aspects of Council spending, since their first show in 2015" writes Peter Malpas, council candidate for Chorley's Pennine Ward.

"This infographic highlights that action is long overdue.  Chorley Council's own report ahead of the 2016 flower made it clear that it was then time to 'Take the next step towards making the event sustainable by attracting more sponsorship and income'."   

"The dahlia's might be beautiful, celebrities to hang on to their every word, but two shows later still another burden of nearly £60,000 on to the shoulders of Chorley's hardworking taxpayers."   

"But here's a plan.  Cut the excess AND raise the income so it works for everyone."

Flower show balance sheet
Three Years

My Freedom of Information requests on the Flower Show

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Peter Malpas

Peter is Deputy Chairman of the Chorley Conservative Association responsible for Fund Raising and Membership.



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