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For elections AFTER May 2 2019

If you will be away on polling day, at work or on holiday, are physically unable or just do not have the time to get to a polling station to vote in person, you can still exercise your democratic right to vote. You may have moved house since the electoral register was drawn up and have not yet joined the register at your new address.

You can choose either to vote by post or to appoint someone else - a proxy - to vote on your behalf. To find out more about registering to vote and voting by post or proxy, please visit the Electoral Commission.

When downloading a form from this page, please return it directly to Chorley Council, Elections, Town Hall, CHORLEY. PR7 1DP


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Postal Vote Request

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1.1. Would you like an application to vote by post?
Many people find it easier to vote by post, guaranteeing their vote even if they are away or ill.
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