Andrew Snowden supporting our great British pubs

Autumn and winter tends to be my favorite time of the year for real ale, as pubs shift to having warming ruby and amber beers on cask, to give us comfort from the cold!

My favorite of all these beers is Adnams Broadside, it looks and tastes as ‘proper ale’ should. It’s a dark ruby beer, with a taste described by someone with a finer palate than myself as having ‘a hint of fruitcake’!  It’s flavoursome and has a deep palate but it’s not overpowering, it’s also very low on carbonation, leaving it very smooth and light to drink for what is strong(ish) ale at 4.7%.

However, if you plan to buy any in for Christmas, especially given that ‘fruitcake’ taste, beware it comes in at a head-thumping 6.3% in bottles! Although as beer experts may tell you, it was originally that strength on cask and if you want to experience the full original taste this is the only way!

Andrew Snowden is the Conservative spokesman for Wheelton and Withnell Ward