Another question as Labour Leader says that hotel bills will be repaid

We are pleased to hear that attendees booked in at one of Manchester’s top hotels will be repaying Chorley Council what it has cost to book two double rooms, which totals £644 ex VAT (£772 including VAT).   It would have been far more powerful had the Labour Leader said that the room booking costs had already been repaid.

The deposit on the hotel rooms was paid by Chorley Council on 6th March 2013, and the balance on 12th April 2013, so we ask:-

The final payment was made 79 days ago.  With the Labour leader’s declared intention that costs will be repaid, we wonder why hadn’t the Council been repaid much earlier?

Holding our councillors to account is really important, and are pleased to have brought this to public attention making everyone aware that they too can be armchair auditors.

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