Caroline Snowden selected as spokesperson for Wheelton and Withnell

Chorley Conservatives are delighted to announce that local community campaigner, Caroline Snowden, has been appointed by the Conservatives to be the spokesperson for the Chorley Borough Council ward of Wheelton and Withnell. 

Caroline, who lives with her husband, Andrew, and their dog, Heidi, in Abbey Village will take on the responsibility of holding Labour's Chorley Borough Council to account on behalf of residents in the area. She will work alongside her husband who represents the wider Hoghton with Wheelton seat on Lancashire County Council. 

At a time when Chorley's Labour Administration have just announced a temporary halt to their multi million pound vanity Market Walk project due to uncertainty about it's viability, which could see millions of pounds of taxpayer money sunk into nothing other than tearing up a carpark and then putting it back, now is the time for strong voices like Caroline to stand up for Chorley taxpayers. 

After her selection for this post Caroline said "I am really excited to be taking on this role for the community I live in. I love working with Andrew on so many issues in our area and I really believe that with him fighting for our community at County Hall and me at Chorley Town Hall - we can make a real and meaningful difference for people".

She added "If you compare what the Conservatives are doing at Lancashire County Council, by making efficiencies to invest in more money for roads, buses, drain clearing and re-opening Libraries it's a long way from Chorley Council who this week announced that the Market Walk extension, which we Conservatives have told them was a bad idea from the start, looks like the deal could collapse for all the reasons we said it would at the cost of millions to us, the Chorley taxpayer. I want to fight for you to sort this mess out".