Lancashire County Council Candidates

Chorley Conservatives have announced the selection date to choose their County Council Candidates for the elections to be held next May.

Election summary

In a message to Members we summarise the election results fought by the Chorley Conservative Association

Council candidates announced

Chorley Conservatives are contesting all Wards in the Chorley Borough Council elections being held on Thursday 3rd May 2012.  Today we publish our candidates.

Spending Power of Local District Councils

We sometimes hear from Labour about how hard done by their councils have been treated by the Conservative-led coalition.  But figures indicates whilst all councils have been asked to make savings as everyone else, the actual spending power across councils significantly differs.

Chorley announces Council Tax cut and more spending on services

Hard-pressed Chorley families benefiting from a Conservative-led Borough Council are today rejoicing at not only another council tax freeze, but a cut too.  Not only that, an extra £1 million is being invested in key projects to promote jobs and investment.  Car parking charges too have been frozen.

Lancashire County Council freeze Council Tax for third year

Lancashire County Council yesterday agreed to freeze their Council Tax again for their third year.  This means that residents living in a Band A home will pay £61.57 a month* towards Lancashire County Council services, and residents in a Band D home £92.35.

Chorley school data published

Updated data on childrens progress has been published on the Department for Education website, data that Labour kept hidden.  For the first time parents can see what is really happening in their schools.  Labour would claim ever rising standards while pointing to just one GCSE measure that rose every year.You can look at the local data for Chorley schools from this link