Balls tax assault on Britain

Ed Balls lets slip Labour will put up income tax for people on middle incomes – including teachers, nurses and police officers

Budget 2015: Britain is working – don’t let Labour ruin it

Today’s Budget shows the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan is working – with the deficit down, growth up, jobs up, living standards rising, and now debt is starting to fall as a share of the economy. That means families across Britain able to feel more financially secure. But we now face a choice: between returning to the economic chaos of the past, or sticking to the economic plan that’s delivering for families. In this Budget we chose the future – taking another big step on the road to a stronger economy.

Top Minister visits Chorley hi-tech business

Top Minister Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, Secretary of State for Defence, accompanied Chorley's Parliamentary Candidate Rob Loughenbury on a visit to a pioneering small business.

ROQ IT fuel for the economic recovery

Businesses in Chorley and across the UK are thriving as the economic recovery continues.  Rob Loughenbury writes about his visit to ROQ IT in Euxton.

Buckshaw petition: Call to stop HGV's using residential roads

Chorley's Parliamentary candidate Rob Loughenbury is championing a call for HGV restrictions to direct their drivers away from Buckshaw Village's residential roads.  In-cab navigation equipment may not have caught up with new roads.

Living standards boost for working people

Consumer price inflation at a record low as earnings rise means good news for Chorley's hardworking households. The state pension is also set to increase this April by 2.5% in April thanks to the government triple lock based on either prices, earnings or 2.5% in September whichever is the higher.