Chorley Council publishes parking accounts following Freedom of Information request

Chorley's Labour Council have today published their full Parking Accounts for 2015/16 online following two Freedom of Information requests by one of our members after failing to locate them on their web service.  Now they are easily found for armchair auditors to help hold local authorities like Chorley to account.

The Local Government Transparency Code brought in by the Conservatives require councils like Chorley to publish annually their income from parking, and how the income was spent.   Only with this information like this can council taxpayers make their own balanced judgements about the councils activities.

The newly published accounts show that in 2015/16 Chorley Council received £700,550 comprising of £36,404 from off-street parking permits, £586,125 from off-street parking fees and £78,022 from off-street parking fines.

Expenditure of £412,027 includes £189,251 for premises, £30,027 for supplies and services, £55,216 for third-party services, £88,920 for central and administration [sic] and £49,243 for works to car parks.

Overall, Chorley's car parks made a contribution of £288,524.

This surplus, Chorley Council reports, contributed towards:

  • Outdoor recreational facilities £238,189
  • Open land and water £2,963
  • Highways and roads £49,727
  • Reduction in pollution £11,402
  • Public passenger transport £5,588
  • Total £307,869

The first of two Freedom of Information requests was submitted on 6th December with the second completed today, two months later, helping to ensure that Chorley Council satisfies the transparency code.  With this information taxpayers and users alike will be able to see how their money is being spent and compare year-on-year. 

Already Chorley Council publish their monthly spend for members of the public, journalists and researchers to scrutinise.

Read the Parking Account 2015/16