Cllr Andrew Snowden checks out vision for Boatyard Pub

Cllr Andrew Snowden recently had a great meeting with Directors of Thwaites Brewery this week to discuss their exciting vision future of the site were the Boatyard Pub was demolished following a tragic fire.

Thwaites are planing to invest heaving the site, creating more jobs and hoping to build a new pub/restaurant that feels more like a Lancashire industrial boatyard would, taking inspiration from local sites.

If planning is granted it would have 'silo feature towers' for an onsite brewery, a brick stack chimney and large stone walling. Their preferred design option would slightly increase the footprint but other than the chimney stack would largely be to the same overall dimensions as the previous building as to not stand out more in the landscape.

They are now in discussions with Chorley Council over planning permission, and Chorley Council are rightly ensuring that the building complies with green belt restrictions.

Cllr Andrew Snowden said "This is an exciting vision and a big investment, Thwaites have put a lot of thought into this design to give it a real authentic feel - I will keep you updated as planning progresses."