Decision week for Chorley's voters

This week electors will be choosing their Lancashire County Councillor to represent them for four years up to 2017.   We are defending six of the seven divisions that cover Chorley.   Our candidates are:-

  1. Sam Chapman - Chorley South
  2. Mike Devaney - Chorley Rural North*
  3. Alison Hansford - Chorley East
  4. Keith Iddon - Chorley Rural West*
  5. Peter Malpas - Chorley West*
  6. David Moran - Chorley Rural East
  7. Mark Perks - Chorley North*

* Sitting county councillor


We will cut out waste and give value for money
In 4 years of Conservative control LCC has spent over £215m less on administration and we will continue to provide the most efficient services.

We will invest a further £10m in our highways

After years of under investment by Labour we have already invested £200m which is more than double Labour’s record.

We will continue the £3m Armed Forces Veterans Mentoring Scheme

To provide support to young people in schools and to help ex Service personnel back into employment.

We will invest a further £16m in young people

£10m is allocated to creating Youth Zones in all our districts, £5m for concessionary travel for young people and £1m to refurbish Youth Centres.

We will provide better facilities for children and adults with disabilities

£14m for day time and overnight respite care for children with disabilities and £1m to provide proper toileting facilities for adults with disabilities.

"We have an excellent record in transforming Lancashire into an excellent Council.  We have not only frozen council tax and cut it over the last fourears, but improved and focused key services." said Peter Malpas is his role as Chairman of Chorley Conservatives.