Lancashire's Andy Pratt launches campaign web

Andy Pratt has launched his campaign web and Facebook page ahead of the election on May 7th to elect Lancashire's new Police and Crime Commissioner.

Andy Pratt's Six Point Plan for Lancashire

  • Community Strength – The majority of crime is detected and prevented by people communicating with each other and in particular the residents who live and work in their local areas are key to all police work. My priority is to strengthen and further develop this work and in particular in areas and communities that have been distant at times from the police.  The volunteers within the Constabulary need strengthening and developing and used to their maximum capabilities be they: Special Constables, custody visitors, Independent Advisors and volunteers within the police stations.
  • Safer Streets – we all want to be safe and to feel safe on our streets. I want the focus to come back on crime prevention. Preventing the drug dealers, the drunkenness and the anti-social behaviour can make areas difficult to live and work in. All the statutory and voluntary partners should be actively involved. There are many thousands of opportunities to make our streets safer in lots of very practical ways.
  • Protecting the Vulnerable – In particular the people who suffer from violence in the home, most are women but also the elderly and men. Some fantastic work is going on in the County but we can do even more when all the agencies collaborate and work together. Young people and in particular those who are subject to sexual exploitation are extremely vulnerable. I pioneered work in this area in the past and I want to see it developed further.
  • Tackling Prejudice -  This takes many forms, where people are abused and attacked because of what they look like, their faith, nationality, race, sexual orientation, disability, age or gender. I know that we can do more to get to the root of the causes and create a society where everyone is respected and valued. Our training of professionals and education in schools and colleges has a long way to go as is our ability to effectively co-ordinate across all relevant agencies. Dealing with Hate Crime must be a police priority.
  • Caring for the Cops – the men and women who deliver policing services in the Constabulary have a tough job to do. I want to see new and innovative ways in which the community can support their police officers.  When people feel that their jobs are making a difference,they are given support, help and encouragement, they will thrive. I know the people of Lancashire want the staff of the Lancashire Constabulary to live and work to the best of their ability and will do all they can to help.
  • Efficient Policing – getting the greatest impact for every pound spent is crucial.  No area of the business should be exempt from the making sure that this happens. Visible and effective uniform patrols goes a long way to reassure the public and to prevent and detect crime.