Why we hold Labour to account - a case study

Holding Labour to account on Chorley Council is an important role for us.  It's even more important for Chorley's taxpayers too; a council needs challenge at every stage.

Over the previous two years, Chorley's Labour Council has hired a popular dance troupe as entertainment at Chorley Flower show. In 2015 they paid the troupe £3,000 and in 2016, £3,300.

One of our campaigners who follows council spending shed light on this and other high-ticket spending, and this year Chorley Council paid the same troupe £2,000, a win for Chorley's hardworking taxpayers.

Councillor Alan Cullens, opposition leader, commented  'As the Council is spending your money we must ensure that they always get best value. Only by continuing to monitor spending and highlighting it can we protect what you have worked hard for.'

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