You said, Andrew did!

Over the coming years, as Andrew serves as your Councillor we in the local Conservative team think its important we keep you up to date on what Andrew has been doing for you!

So here are just a few examples of the problems Andrew has got fixed or is fighting for in our area over the past few months:

YOU SAID: There’s a leaking dirty water pipe in the wall near Withnell Health Surgery that’s running into the pavement.

ANDREW DID: This was reported by Andrew to the Highways team he has liaised with them to get United utilities onto the issue and it is now logged for repair.

YOU SAID: There are too many blocked drains causing surface water flooding when it rains.

ANDREW DID: As Lead member for Highways and Transport Andrew has made £300k available for more regular drain clearing across the whole of Lancashire and has had specific drains cleared in our area already.

YOU SAID: The position of the new average speed camera on the A675 means people can speed through the village and turn right up Dole Lane without getting caught.

ANDREW DID: He has been in touch with the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership and they have agreed this will be taken into account at the implementation review.

YOU SAID: There is a broken redundant salt bin just outside Brindle village which needs removing.

ANDREW DID: Got it removed!

YOU SAID: A number of residents reported potholes to Andrew.

ANDREW DID: He’s successfully got potholes/road defects fixed that were reported to him in; Clayton, Abbey Village, Withnell and Brindle

YOU SAID: The road is sinking outside Withnell Health Surgery and cars are having to swerve to miss the dip.

ANDREW DID: Got the big dip in the road filled in (you can see the fresh tarmac).

YOU SAID: Brindle Parish Council wanted to meet on-site to discuss some long-standing County issues.

ANDREW DID: Met with the Council and Andrew is now beavering a way on a number of pieces of casework to get things moving for them!


Andrew Snowden

Andrew is the Conservative choice for Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioners candidate for the May 2020 election.

He also represents the Hoghton with Wheelton Division on Lancashire County Council.