CC Aidy Riggott on the Conservative plan to reopen Lancashire's libraries

County Councillor Aidy Riggott writes "Last week I was proud to join my Conservative colleagues County Councillor's Keith Iddon, Andrew Snowden and Mark Perks in voting to reopen the Lancashire libraries that had been disgracefully closed by the previous Labour administration at County Hall.

I was surprised and disappointed to find that Chorley's Labour County Councillors were unable to support this motion, especially given the overwhelming mandate that the people of Lancashire gave to this policy in returning a majority Conservative administration to County Hall for the second time in three elections. 

Residents and pressure groups fought valiant campaigns against these Labour enforced closures and have been eager to receive confirmation of their reopening and continued funding which makes the Labour Party's approach here in Chorley even more baffling. It reaffirms the message that services are safer in Conservative hands and this message is coming across loud and clear and resonating with the residents of Chorley and Lancashire." (Pictured outside Euxton library which wasn't due for closure)